Whitchurch Chamber of Trade and Commerce

The Voice of Whitchurch Business

Information about Membership

Chamber Aims To speak up for Whitchurch businesses and where necessary to influence decisions that may impact on the business community and the life of the Town as a whole.

Be a forum in which to raise issues which relate to your business and the town.

Support the business community by promoting a positive and progressive environment within Whitchurch to create an exceptional place to do business

Establish strong relationships with key partners in the Town, and collaborate with them for the benefit of the Town.

How will it Work?

All of our efforts will focus on one simple goal: to maximise all opportunities to promote and advance Whitchurch and the surrounding area at every level. We will do this in many different ways. We want to be a progressive Chamber, keen to positively influence decision making within the town for the well-being of ALL businesses.

Member Benefits

There are many benefits to becoming a member of the Chamber including:

Invitation to our monthly meetings

Participation in business networking events

Increased business visibility and credibility

Giving your business a voice in the town

Only members can vote at Chamber meetings where resolutions are discussed

Why you should join

The Chamber will represent all local businesses. As such, we welcome and need membership from all types and sizes of businesses;

individual sole traders,

medium sized companies and

national /multi-national organizations.

In this way, the towns best interests can be fully represented.

Join us and: Have your say about specific issues that concern your business

Be amongst, and learn from, like-minded peopleBe part of an interactive business community

Raise the profile of your business Key Activities

We want to be an open, inclusive and democratic Chamber, and will communicate with members on a regular basis to understand your views.

With your input and support, we will plan activities throughout the year and report progress to you on a regular basis.

How does it Operate?

Regular monthly meetings are held on the last Wednesday in every other month and an agenda is circulated in advance, an informal meeting is held in between on a varying date/time.

Minutes of meetings will be sent to all members.

We will use electronic communications wherever possible to increase efficiency.

Who will we work with?

One of the many things that makes Whitchurch such a great place to live and work is the large number of diverse groups that add real value to the business (and living) environment in and around the town.

We will build positive relationships with other groups which seek to promote Whitchurch and seek regular dialogue and engagement with the official organizations e.g. Whitchurch Town Council and Shropshire Council, whose decisions have such a direct impact on our town and economic community.

Your Involvement Your level of personal involvement can be as great or as little as suits you.

We hope that some of you will get actively involved and attend the monthly meetings whenever you are able.

If you prefer not to attend, we will keep in touch with you by emailing announcements and the minutes of meetings to you.

Cost For this coming year the costs for all members will be £28.

For more information on joining email:


VICE CHAIR: Will Weston

PRESIDENT: Janet Proudlove


New members are always welcome